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Therapeutic horse riding at Corbenic

Welcome to
Corbenic Camphill Community
 Perthshire, Scotland

Summer 2015

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Print-making in our Arts Workshop

nat blue floors 350 jul 15.jpg (107907 bytes) Corbenic in bloom up by the Lochan

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Our cafe shop menu

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Handling those reins in some style

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Cane framing for the berry nets

Workshops Bakery  CafeShop Candles Crafts Estate  Farm  Garden Horses Music Pottery Woodwork


Households Volunteering CoWorkers Befriending Job vacancies Donating History Memories  Wildlife

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High summer and Corbenic is replete with wonderful wild flowers display almost everywhere you look

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Harvesting our high class Scottish soft fruits

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'The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough...'  Rabindranath Tagore
Corbenic Camphill is a community for adults with learning difficulties. We live on a fifty acre estate amongst the beautiful hills of Highland Perthshire, Scotland.

At present, the Community comprises 38 residents, 4 support service users and around 70 staff and volunteer co-workers. 

We invite you to learn about the lives of residents at Corbenic and discover job, volunteer and befriending opportunities.

Corbenic is part of the International Camphill Movement for social renewal through community living.

The community is based on the principle of living and working together with those who have special needs. 

Respect and concern for the dignity of each person are actively fostered at Corbenic.

And those with learning disabilities play a critical, participative, central role in the life of Corbenic.

Ensuring a stable and secure physical, emotional and social environment at Corbenic is of critical importance to us all.

As is attending to individual privacy and promoting appropriate independence.

The challenges of life at Corbenic call for everyone to work together, give of their best.

All of us - residents, co-workers, staff, volunteers, befrienders, visitors too - need to nourish body, soul and spirit.

And to fashion creative and therapeutic solutions to challenges as they crop up

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River Braan murmuring low at the end of June -
before roaring into life through a wet and stormy July!

Fare Ye Well!

After 7 years of chronicling the evolving narrative of Corbenic Camphill Community, I am taking my leave.

The good news it that a more technologically up-to-date website will shortly emerge.

Since 2008, it's been my privilege to get to know the residents, some relatives too, the Corbenic staff, co-workers from every continent, local volunteers, befrienders.

Corbenic is a special place, full of light and unconditional love.

Living locally in Dunkeld, I will certainly be keeping in touch.


Frank Irvine, Dunkeld.  July 26, 2015

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Come and visit our cafe shop in the heart of Dunkeld

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Enjoying our Family Weekend

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Taking a wee break from the important task of weeding

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Just imagining slaggering lots o' delicious jam ontae a thick piece o' newly baked Corbenic breid...

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Almost complete, protective netting to keep out would-be avian robbers..

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Residents live in one of our 7 households.

Each household is home for up to 6 adults with learning disabilities, 2 house co-ordinators and 5 co- workers..

Our latest two households, Ossian and Fingal provide accommodation for ten residents, four of whom live in semi-independent flats.

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Ossian accommodates older residents whilst Fingal is the locus of the flats.

This means that we have created additional 10 places for new residents in the original 5 households, Lochran, the Garden Cottage, and the three based in Drumour Lodge, Turach, Lindisfarne and Mullach.

Houses Cott 250 floors.jpg (20021 bytes)

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Therapeutic Workshops

We have a variety of therapeutic workshops such as bakery, craft, woodwork, gardening, estate work, farming, music, cafe-shop, candles, horse-riding...

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Bakery Workshop
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Cafe Shop

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Candle Workshop
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Crafts Workshop

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Estate Team
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Music Group

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Horse-riding Therapy
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Pottery Workshop
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Wood workshop

Give a Year - Gain a Lifetime!

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Corbenic Urgently Needs Volunteer Co-Workers!

Vacancies due to the expansion of our community.


Phone +44 1350 723 206 or Email

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Talk to Betty, our manager or Catherine, our secretary

easter 2011 walk.jpg (63621 bytes)Become one of our indispensable co-workers...

Email Enquiries

Betty, Manager              betty@corbeniccamphill.co.uk
Catherine, Secretary    catherine@corbeniccamphill.co.uk
Skype interviews organised quickly and efficiently

Come and  join the United Nations of Corbenic!

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Pottery duo 525 jul 15.jpg (65468 bytes)The creative ambience of our pottery workshop 
est thistles n copper b 525 jul 15.jpg (123997 bytes)
Thistles, copper beech, waving grasses

PPath hoss ban jun15.jpg (173119 bytes)
Streams of visitors near the back of Lochran where the Poetry Path flows into the woods

Camphill Community, Trochry, Dunkeld PH8 0DY, Perthshire, SCOTLAND

Tel: 01350 723 206  Fax 01350 723 300

Betty Stolk, Manager        betty@corbeniccamphill.co.uk
David Nicholson, Finance Manager       david
Catherine Hood, Secretary 

Registered in Scotland - Charity Number 15477

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Another curtain of rain heads up Strathbraan...