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The Cottage

The Cottage used to be the larder for the main house, in the early days after Camphill bought Drumour lodge. In the early Corbenic years it was used as a workshop space for the weaver. In the 1990’s the building was made into a home and received the name "the Cottage". An extension to the house was completed in 2005.

Now it is the home of six residents, six live-in volunteers and two house co-coordinators. At present, we are of six different nationalities and mother tongues, and three different continents.

We share a homely, colourful living room with a wood burning stove, plants and plenty of comfy cushions, a dining room, a garden next to Corbenic's garden workshop, and of course a cosy kitchen.

The small kitchen table is the heart of the house. It seems to be everybody's favourite place! Here we like to share tea, coffee, our stories and sometimes a late night meal, and many of us like to help with getting meals and tea breaks ready.

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