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Lochran, or “lantern on the hill,” is a house which stands by itself at the top of the community. It is home to six residents, several great volunteers, one musical support worker, two house co-ordinators and an affectionate but very vocal cat.

Lochran looks out over the farm and  workshops to the surrounding hills, over which can be seen amazing views of stars at night and many wonderful weather formations, sunrises and sunsets during the days. To the back of the house there is access to Corbenic’s Poetry Path where peaceful country walks may be taken around the perimeter of Corbenic.

Standing on its own in a quiet location, Lochran is an ideal home for those in need of a little quiet and solitude. Musical evenings around the log burner in winter and BBQ’s and picnics by the river in the summer months are examples of the many ways in which Lochran’s inhabitants form a strong social, family unit within the larger community.

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