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The celebrations kicked off in the garden with some community singing before secateurs, gloves and containers were distributed to gather in the year's crop. It was a beautiful sunny Autumn day for picking the fruits and vegetables, bio-dynamically grown as part of the Garden Workshop. The harvest bounty was laid out, alive with colour and textures, evidence of a great summer; a perfect moment to offer our thanks to the earth for all it's provision. 

Kite Making

In the afternoon, two kite-makers joined the community to facilitate a workshop. Everyone got busy sticking and decorating their kites with the plan to fly them after the Harvest Meal the next day. The weather conditions were perfect, the fresh air welcomed after the wonderful Harvest feast in the Hall. 

Harvest Meal

Everyone gathered in the Hall on Friday 28th September for the Harvest Meal that consisted of the fruits and vegetables gathered the day before. The meal was interspersed with traditional songs, a poem and a reading in celebration of Saint Michael.


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