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The Camphill Movement

Corbenic is part of the International Camphill Movement for social renewal through community living. In over 100 Camphill schools, training centres and villages world-wide, children, adolescents and adults in need of special care live and work together.

In all Camphills, life is shared on an extended family basis, building communities that uphold in each individual a sense of integrity, dignity and worth.

The foundation of life and work in Camphill communities is the conviction that every person is more than their physical and psychological make-up; their essential spiritual being is unimpaired and whole.  In this respect all of us are equal, regardless of limitations or gifts. Therefore, the principles on which Camphill is based apply equally to all those who wish to be part of it in any way.


Our belief, borne out by experience, is that people are most helped to achieve their potential when they are able to make a positive contribution in a varied and developing social setting.  The attempt to work together as a community is our primary healing resource, the foundation for all educational, social and therapeutic endeavours.

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