In our Craft workshop we try to create a bright, colourful and therapeutic environment where residents and co-workers can express themselves creatively. We work as a team producing beautiful crafts that can be sold in our shop in the village of Dunkeld or at our advent market. 

The craft workshop is packed full of creative opportunities for participants to express their artistic flare, by focusing on a specific type of craft each season. Step into the craft workshop and you will find yourself surrounded by beautifully hand painted silk, woven scarves and bags, mosaics and lino-prints to name but a few. Every wall, shelf and windowsill are embellished with these colourful creations, a real testament to how this workshop can truly unlock creative capabilities.

Co-workers work closely with the residents encouraging them to work as independently as possible through making colour choices, design ideas and carrying out their tasks. We always aim to achieve a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Along with working in the workshop, our craft team enjoys decorating the hall for our many festivals and events throughout the year.

We also involve ourselves in art projects with local groups outwith the community sharing our craft skills and at the same time creating social links.

Photos: Juan Aguirromozcorta