Volunteer at Corbenic

We are currently inviting applications from May 2020

What's it like?

You will have the opportunity to meet like-minded young people from Europe and beyond and have a brilliant time too.

A real life-enhancing, life-changing experience!

We have so many different nationalities at Corbenic – a veritable mini United Nations indeed!

How can I help?

All of our residents have learning disabilities; some are quite independent, while others do need constant care and supervision. There are people at Corbenic who require help with personal care (bathing, dressing, eating etc.) and co-workers joining us should be willing to be involved with such care.

If you come to Corbenic, you will quickly realise how different residents are from each other, because we actively promote their individuality. An implication of this is that we have to realise and respond to residents according to their individual personalities and needs.

How will I get there?

Travel Arrangements

If you arrive in the United Kingdom via London there is a direct train, daily, from Kings Cross Station to Perth or Dunkeld. There are also long distance coach services between Victoria Station in London to Perth or Dunkeld. If you arrive at Edinburgh, Glasgow or Aberdeen airport, there are direct train services to Perth or Dunkeld. There are also coach services.


Those who are joining us for less than one year will be responsible for their travel expenses to and from the Community. Those people joining us for one year or more, should purchase an open-ended return ticket and, on leaving Corbenic, will have the return portion of the fare reimbursed, upon production of the ticket, to a maximum of £230 within Europe and £500 outside Europe.

How do I apply?

You will need to fill in an application form first. When you send it back, please remember to include:

  • A passport sized photograph

  • A current police check

What's life like at Corbenic?

As in all Camphill communities the cultural life is strong and it is often centred around the Christian festivals, which are celebrated throughout the year. Many of our cultural activities involve preparation for them with drama, singing and music. There are regular trips to concerts, theatre and the cinema, and occasionally visiting artists, musicians and actors.


During your stay with us, free medical treatment will be provided through the local surgery, as part of the National Health Service. 

You are asked to bring sufficient clothes for winter and summer use and for working out of doors (waterproof clothing is essential) as well as clothing suitable for evening and weekend activities (skirts, dresses, jackets etc.) If you play a musical instrument, it would be appreciated if you bring it with you.

Living Arrangements

As a voluntary co-worker, you will be provided with full board and lodging, although you may be required to share a room with another co-worker. You have two days off per week and will receive basic pocket money per month. Some house parents live in at Corbenic so there will always be one or two house-parents available at any time.

After completing three months service and provided you are 21 years of age and hold a driving licence which permits you to drive in the United Kingdom, you would have the use of the co-worker car. To qualify for driving the car you would have to pass a test after receiving tuition.

Mailin's Story

What volunteering at Corbenic meant for me!

I`m 19 years old and from Germany.

After finishing school, I wanted to do some meaningful work abroad for a year. When my mum  told me about Camphill Communities in Scotland, where she was herself at my age, I got very curious about it and through the German organisation, ‘Freunde der Erziehungskunst’ I found Corbenic.

I also applied to other Camphill’s but after seeing Corbenic for the first time on the internet there was a special click and my heart told me to go there. And so, I did. Now, eight months after I left, I am super grateful and still fulfilled by this magical experience.

Before I went to Corbenic, I had no contact point or experience with people with special needs. That`s why I was insecure in the beginning and whether it was right for me to do. But now, after spending a whole year in this wonderful community, I know that there was no need to worry before.

With this account, I would like to encourage interested people to definitely go there, to have a look and to get to know all the wonderful people there and to get a better understanding of what it means not just to share work but also your life.

Corbenic is embedded in a beautiful rural area and you can easily lose track of time. There are seven houses in the community, which means there are many people around, but it is still small enough to connect to everyone and to build deep friendships.

Because of this atmosphere you can settle in very fast which makes it easy to feel like home. Sharing your life every day can be very intense but because of spending so much time together you can experience the amazing impact which goes with it.

Your stay in Corbenic, I promise, brings a huge potential of inner growth. By sharing life with so many different kinds of people, also from all over the world, you will develop a different version of yourself. Surrounded by the happiness and good will of the community, you will open yourself and you will recognise that by helping others you get so much back. Those wonderful moments will carry you through harder times and they will still warm up your heart many times after leaving Corbenic.

Many interested people came for a year to volunteer and fell in love with that community (and sometimes another co-worker!) so they stayed for a second, third year…and now they are working as house-parents or workshop-leaders.

So maybe you will be one of them. Take this chance and go there to experience it yourself. I`m sure you will never regret but always profit from it.

Mailin Hommel



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