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Day Service

The new annexed Day Service 'JURA' was opened on March 8th 2021 after being closed for almost one year. Over the past few months, the team have been busy with lots of activities to suit everyone. Check out the video to see for yourself what an amazing job they're doing!

Day Service Newsletter

Click here for our latest edition of the day service newsletter.

Day Service Workshops at Corbenic

The workshops are integral to the community life in Corbenic. They are considered an inherent part of the therapeutic process and their emphasis is on enhancing their quality of life. The fact that the produce from the workshops contributes to the general life of the community is a further indication of personal worth and fulfilment. Items are also sold at our annual Advent Market and at our Corbenic shop in Dunkeld. Each workshop has a leader whose task is to develop the potential of the residents and day participants and contribute to their reviews and personal plans. Day participants and residents are encouraged to choose their workshops and, when appropriate, move on from one to another in order to afford them a varied work experience and opportunities to develop their skills in differing settings.

More information on the Workshops we offer can be found in the Workshops section.

Becoming a Day Service Participant at Corbenic

Applications are usually made through the local social work services department in which the prospective applicant and their family live.  Applicants are asked to come for a visit followed by a fortnight’s trial period.

Reviews and Personal Plans

Following admission, day participants will have a review after four weeks and then every six months and a personal plan is drawn up or revised on each occasion. These reviews are attended by the resident, members of his or her family, the field social worker, the manager, the houseparent(s), the workshop leaders and, where appropriate, representatives from outside agencies.


Considerable importance is attached to the review and personal plan since they bring everyone up to date with what is happening and ensure that plans made by, or on behalf of, the day participant are implemented. Knowing the importance of the occasion, day participants tend eagerly to look forward to their review.

For more information or to apply for Day Service at Corbenic, please email Lorna or


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