A visit to the Pottery Workshop


Jakub, who runs the workshop has a range of products which he

creates for use in the houses and within the community. 



The use of clay in the Pottery Workshop is a hands-on, sensory experience which can have physical and psychological benefits to those participating. The focus in the workshop is to create pots, teapots, bowls and sculptures which are then sold in the  Corbenic Shop as part of their responsibility. ​We supply the houses and workshops with the dishes as well as three shops in nearby towns. Every month we join the local market too.

Participants are taught hand building, throwing, pinch pots and the decorative processes necessary for that final touch. We experience the whole process starting with wedging and kneading, to making the pot/object/sculpture, sanding, decorating and glazing before the final stage, firing.


Many of the houses and workshops within the community now enjoy tea-breaks and meals on and in Corbenic Pottery. 

Photo credit: Juan Aguirromozcorta

He showed me some of the beautiful functional objects the residents decorate: cups, tea-pots, sugar bowls, milk jugs, all of which are either sold in the Dunkeld shop, Aberfeldy market or utilised by the houses here at Corbenic. The craftmanship and quality of the earthen ware was very impressive, so no surprise that the workshop is kept busy producing to supply the high demand.

Left to their own devices, the residents get a chance to create what they want. The heads are great, reminiscent of early tribal masks.