House Garden

In the House Gardens workshop we look after the flowers and shrubs around the houses, and when we have time, around the workshops. Our aim is to bring lots of colour to the houses and cutting flowers to bring inside. 

Our hope is that Corbenic Community as a whole is a place of colour and beauty, a place where houses don’t just sit on the land, but seem to rest on a bed of colour, a place where bees and wildlife are encouraged and celebrated. The House Gardens workshop is responsible for creating and maintaining the flower beds around buildings, and for producing pot flowers and trees that can be planted out around the grounds, adding even more colour for the seasons to come!

This involves all aspects of gardening, from growing plants from seed, planting of bulbs and new herbaceous plants, lots of weeding in the summer, digging new beds, improving existing gardens, pruning and cutting back in the autumn. In the winter we spend a few months indoors, making things connected with the gardens like hanging baskets, plant supports, decorated flower pots and other kinds of handicrafts.

Photo & video credit: Sue Tomachevski

Check out the videos below to see what we get up to in House Garden!