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‘Sharing life. Living well.’


Corbenic Camphill Community value being together and working together as a community of diverse individuals, sharing life so that all can live well and in a way that fosters the sense of integrity, dignity, equality and worth in each person.



Our values are expressed through five broad areas and reflected in our aims:


  • To provide the highest quality of care and support based on the principles of dignity and respect, compassion, inclusion, wellbeing, and responsiveness to individual need.


  • To be a welcoming, genuine, and intentional community where members are treated, fairly, equally, listened to, empowered, and where diversity is celebrated.


  • To afford choice and opportunity to all members to participate in and experience a rich cultural and spiritual life influenced by the traditions and rhythms of the Camphill movement based on life sharing and a programme of seasonal festivals.


  • To provide opportunities for all members of the community to learn and develop through participation in meaningful activities that promote independence and contribute to the life of the community through work, creativity, and leisure.


  • To be a community who value the environment, treating the land upon which we live, and the physical environment around us with respect and care in keeping with organic and biodynamic principles and recognising the wider concerns associated with the climate crises.

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