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Life Under Lockdown & Celebrating Summer

Hector has lived in Corbenic Camphill Community for 16 years, he lives in Lochran house.

Hector was used to visiting his mother, who lives in Crieff, almost every weekend, but when the lock-down was announced in Corbenic on 23rd March, the visits had to stop. 

I ask Hector how he has experienced this time in lock-down. Hector said it has been a bit difficult and sometimes boring because I can't go anywhere. I have missed my mother, but I have spoken with her on the phone quite often. My mother is also a bit fed-up that she is stuck in her house. Hector is looking forward to meeting his mother next Tuesday for an outside meeting at Corbenic. He will bring his coffee and his mother will bring her coffee!

Before lock-down, Hector was working in the Craft workshop in the morning and Farm workshop in the afternoon. That has been changed too, as all house-groups are working together in one workshop. I asked Hector how the change of workshops has been? He replied that he likes the new cooking workshop very much and that he likes to continue doing that. He said he has become very good at peeling and cutting vegetables and is almost as good as Jamie Oliver! In the afternoon he is working with the horses, which has been good too, but he likes to return to the farm at some point. 

I asked Hector to talk about his free time and weekends, and he said that he missed the weekly hill-walking very much and that he was happy to go walking again yesterday. In the evenings, he listens to music or is relaxing in his room. On the weekends, he goes for walks with Lazslo or watches a film in the house with the others and they have coke and crisps. Hector said he is looking forward to his Birthday at the end of July and hoping that he can see his mother and invite some friends to his birthday table. 

Hector and his mother are planning to move to England later this year, to be closer to his brother and sister. Hector will be moving to another Camphill Community, calley Milton Keynes. This will be a big change for him, after nearly 17 years in Corbenic. Hector has visited Milton Keynes twice and he says he likes it, but he also feels a bit sad to leave Corbenic. 

Thank you for talking about your experiences and your future plans Hector!

Interviewer - Betty Stolk

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