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Family Weekend

What a beautiful weekend. The weather was perfect for the families to gather in celebrating Corbenic's 40th birthday. The day kicked off with freshly baked treats from the bakery followed by a Poetry Path tour conducted by Jon Plunkett and his Poetry Path poets, Tim Turnbull and Jim Carruth.

Mothers, sons, fathers and daughters meandered along the grassy path, hand in hand to listen to Tim and Jim recite some poems and take in the view. It was a joy to watch.

After a bonding time with families over lunch, the residents, co-workers and staff took to the stage in the yurt to perform a play directed by a group of actors called Paragon. Four decades of memories were creatively pieced together to create a wonderful compilation of music and lyrics. 

The play was a huge success and the audience filtered out into the sun for a BBQ on the lawn, with enough Macdonalds Bros. burgers and locally picked strawberries to fuel them for the evenings Ceilidh. 

Sunday was a day of celebrating Corbenic's 40th birthday with song and the cutting of the birthday cake made by Thomas our baker. Thanks to everyone for making this a very special and memorable Family Weekend. 

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