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Palm Sunday - A New Approach

This year to mark the Sunday before Easter, and to retain some semblance of normality for our residents under the current circumstances, each house was assigned a section of the Poetry Path, to walk the boundary of the community armed with the traditional decorated cockerels, (a tradition inherited from the Netherlands).

Walking times were staggered to promote social distancing, and volunteers and staff from each house took pictures. Everyone enjoyed the fresh air and some welcomed sun; a great way to keep the spirits up.

On Monday the pictures came flooding in, and a collage of images was created to mark the

occasion, bringing the whole community together on paper, if not in person just yet.

As part of Holy Week, the tradition is to create living pictures, 'Tableau Vivant' which the whole community gets involved in. The images begin on Tuesday with the Money Lenders in the Temple and end on Saturday with the Soldier at the Grave, all biblical accounts of Jesus death and resurrection. This year, with the current lock down guidelines, it was agreed that each house get their thinking hats on and create a Tableau for each day. The results will be circulated among the community so people feel a sense of connection to their friends across the field or downstairs on the next floor. This is another great way to make contact from a distance, ensuring our continued good health and well-being here at Corbenic.


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