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SNP Visit

Left to right - Lasse Hochfield (German co-worker), Raquel Alves (Brazilian Co-worker), Pete Wishart (SNP), Betty Stolk (Community Development Manager), Jane Brooks (Volunteer Co-ordinator), Robert McGeachy (Policy & Engagement Manager), Maria Costa (Brazilian co-worker), Juyoung Yoon (South Korean co-worker)

Pete Wishart a Scottish National Party politician who has served as an MP for Perth and North Perthshire since 2005 came for a visit to Corbenic. The primary purpose was to discuss the effects Brexit would appear to be having on volunteers who apply from the EU and other non-EU countries and the difficulties they face securing visas.

For over 40 years, we have welcomed international volunteers to live and share life in our community for up to twelve months, participating in our Christian celebrations and recreational life, joining artistic and land-based activities alongside residents and support staff, offering encouragement and friendship, and bringing enthusiasm and diversity.

They are vital to the rhythm of the very special nature of the quality of life that Camphill communities provide to the individual with special needs. We have a strong commitment to meaningful work and responsibility. We care for each other in an environment surrounded by friends and enjoy the support of volunteers living within the same community.

Given our dependence on international volunteers and ease of movement across national boundaries we are now suffering from the combined effects of Brexit and of the increased levels of refusal in Tier 5 Charity Worker Visa applications. Together, these developments profoundly threaten Camphill as an international movement and our capacity to deliver the care and support services we provide.


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