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Neighbourhood Gathering

Corbenic hosted a special day for our Scottish neighbouring communities; Blair Drummond, Cairnlee, Beannachar, Milltown, Loch Arthur, Garvald, Newton Dee and Tiphereth. It was a morning of workshops to choose from. Poetry, lead by Jon Plunkett, music by Clare Hewitt and craft by Monica Hand. Creativity was flowing from all accounts and by lunchtime, the united efforts of everyone was strong enough to lay a solid foundation. There was time after a hearty lunch for any additional flourishes to be added before the afternoon's performance.  

The stage opened with Clare's group singing an Ashanti Greeting with percussive instruments and banging drums.

Jon's group worked words and lines into a wonderful poem which was read out by each participant in turn.

The mask makers danced their way onto the stage to the sound of a beating drum. The colourful display of painted designs adorned with feathers and crepe paper was a feast for the eyes. The singing continued with some moving solos and the afternoon ended with a special celebration for two of our residents who came to Corbenic 20 years ago. Sarah and Louise, twin sisters graced the stage with bows and smiles. They were presented with beautiful bouquets of flowers to mark the occasion. 

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